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Family Sex Education Magazine

The Family Sex Education Magazine is a well-researched monthly educational magazine for the whole family. It features the most current articles on sex, sexuality, gender and relationships. Each edition also offers practical tasks and activities tailored to enhance communication between parents, children and youth. The magazine is published in all 11 the constitutional languages of South Africa. SERAA aims to make a copy of the magazine available at every retail store in South Africa at affordable prices.

Like most magazines The Family Sex Education Magazine features a unifying theme each month.

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Adult Sex Education Classes

This is a course designed to equip parents with the necessary skills to become effective sex educators to their children. Classes can be booked online, at our offices or over the telephone. The curriculum spans four sessions, each lasting a duration of 3 hours. In order to pass the classes it is important that parents and care-givers make themselves available for all four sessions, arrive on time and participate in all the activities that will be assigned.

The Course Curriculum

Session 1

Relationships and your role as a parent

    1. The needs of the child
    2. The nature of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)
    3. The role of the parent in CSE


    1. Friendships, love, and romantic relationships 
    2. Tolerance inclusion and respect
Session 2

Gender, sexuality and sexual behaviour 

    1. The social construction of gender
    2. Gender equality, stereotypes and bias
    3. Gender based violence


    1. Sex, sexuality and the Sexual life Cycle
    2. Sexual behaviour and sexual response.
Session 3

The human body and sexual reproductive health

    1. Sexual reproductive anatomy and Physiology 
    2. Reproduction 
    3. Puberty 
    4. Body Image


    1. Pregnancy and pregnancy prevention
    2. HIV/AIDS stigma, care, treatment and support
    3. Understanding and reducing the risk of STI’s 


Session 4

Sexual violence and skills for well being

    1. Violence 
    2. Consent. Privacy and bodily integrity 
    3. Safe use of information and Communication Technologies
    4. Norms and peer influence on sexual behaviour 


    1. Communication, refusal and negotiation skills
    2. Media, Porn literacy and Sexuality  
    3. Decision making 
    4. Finding help and support


227 parents have taken part to date!

In order to cater for both working and non-working parents, the sex education course conducts classes during the day and during evenings. Parents will need to indicate whether they want to attend day classes or evening classes. Day classes happen between 12.00pm -15:00pm while evening classes occur from 18:00pm to 21:00pm. Both types of classes are held from Monday to Thursdays.

22 schools visited and counting!

School Visits

Any school in South Africa can request a visit from us. School visits are conducted to serve two purposes: to educate children and teens about sex and to promote a culture of communicating and asking questions related to sex without feelings of fear or shame. Our visits will include a presentation, a question-and-answer-session and one activity. School visit sessions are designed to last for 1hr:30min. We request that schools set aside enough time-before booking us for a visit. All school presentations are hosted by trained professionals.

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Pornography Literacy

Porn literacy is an educational intervention that seeks to equip people with the necessary information to consume pornography critically. It features research papers, news articles, videos and other instructional material. It also creates an opportunity for people to identify and question prevalent oppressive sexual practices and representations of popular culture. Porn literacy also felicitates honest, productive discussions about people’s use of pornographic material and seeks to dispel common myths and social panic. Feel free to get in touch with us and someone will respond to you within the next 24 hours.

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